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Aluminum foil lunch box war white pollution
Aug 01, 2017

Disposable foam tableware is prohibited by the state, but these unqualified tableware is still "popular" at people's table. Today, a recycling rate is high, the process of non-hazardous substances, the product light weight lunch box - "aluminum foil lunch box" is being fast food take-away food industry's favor.

"Aluminum foil lunch box" PK "white pollution"

It is reported that China will consume 15 billion per year disposable lunch boxes, of which more than 90% of plastic lunch boxes. After testing, these one-time "white pollution" lunch box "pass rate is less than half", which means that every year 7 billion "poison lunch box" in the community "evil." "Poison lunch box" will be on the human body's liver, kidney damage, but also to the environment caused a greater pollution.

Environmental protection knowledge

When people use disposable foam plastic tableware containing more than 65 degrees Celsius hot food or boiling water, this tableware contains toxic substances easily immersed in food. If this concentration of harmful substances exceeded, the poison will be greater. Foreign research results show that the body long-term absorption of disposable foam tableware in the chemical substances, will cause liver and kidney damage. In addition to causing harm to the human body, this "white pollution" to the environment also caused a greater damage. Discard the waste plastic lunch boxes in the environment, not only affects the city and natural landscape, but also because of the difficult to degrade the ecological environment to form a "potential harm."

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