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Production Process of Double - zero Aluminum Foil for High Gloss Cardboard
Aug 01, 2017

Pass assignments

Foil rolling each sub-control reasonable reasonable processing rate in order to ensure the follow-up rolling smoothly, rolling parameters are balanced, can get a better aluminum foil surface, plate shape.

Intermediate annealing

Hot-rolled billet is different from the casting billet, the production to the finished product before the double-pass, due to high degree of work hardening caused by high tensile strength, resulting in double-joint sub-surface quality is poor, easy to break and pinhole Many, the need for low-temperature annealing to produce deformation of the deformation of the organization.

Roll grinding

Work roll after a period of time need to re-grinding the surface, the establishment of roll and surface roughness, the surface roughness of the need to determine the amount of road pressure reduction, aluminum foil surface quality requirements and rolling speed and other requirements of a comprehensive decision. Roller roughness is too high to improve the rolling speed at the same time to a certain extent due to the roller surface is too rough caused by aluminum foil surface oil film damage, while the rolling speed is too high will produce too much metal deformation heat, reduce oil film strength and lubricity , Resulting in oil film rupture. However, if the roll surface roughness is too low, resulting in excessive lubrication will roll on the aluminum foil surface slip, the formation of resonance pattern, a direct result of aluminum foil surface film break. Therefore, in each pass reasonable control roll roughness can improve the quality of aluminum foil surface.

Rolling oil control

Rolling oil is the main role of the roll and rolling cooling and lubrication, and cleaning off the roll and strip surface due to the friction between the roll and the friction, wear aluminum powder. The composition, viscosity, temperature, cleanliness and the content of additives of the process lubricant have a great influence on the friction and wear in the rolling process.

The cleaning of the roller system during the production process

In order to ensure that the rolling and cutting process of aluminum foil surface cleaning and improve the gloss, reduce the finished pass off the line, developed a rolling mill, roll, slitting process roller cleaning requirements

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