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The characteristics of aluminum foil rolling
Aug 01, 2017

The rough rolling is similar to the rolling characteristics of the aluminum strip. The thickness control is mainly dependent on the rolling force and the rear tension. The rough rolling rate is very small, and its rolling characteristics are completely different from the rolling of the aluminum strip. Of the particularity, its main features are the following aspects:

(1) aluminum strip rolling. In order to make the aluminum plate thinning mainly rely on rolling force, so the thickness of the automatic control method is constant roll gap for the AGC main control mode, even if the rolling force changes, adjust the roll gap at any time to maintain a certain value of the roll gap can also get the thickness Consistent board and strip. And aluminum foil rolling to the finish rolling, because the thickness of aluminum foil is very thin, rolling, increase the rolling force, so that the elastic deformation of the roll than the rolling material is more prone to plastic deformation, roll elastic flattening is not In the case of aluminum rolling, the rolling force of the roll has been reduced, and the rolling force has not been such as that of the rolled sheet. The aluminum foil rolling is generally carried out under constant pressure without roll gap rolling, and the thickness of the aluminum foil Mainly rely on the adjusted tension and rolling speed.

(2) stacking. For extremely thin aluminum foils having a thickness of less than 0.012 mm (the thickness is related to the diameter of the work roll), it is very difficult to roll the sheet by the elastic rolling of the rolls, so that the method of double- Two aluminum foil with lubricating oil, and then together to roll the method (also known as rolling). Rolling can not only roll out a single sheet of rolling can not produce very thin aluminum foil, but also can reduce the number of stripping, improve labor productivity, the use of this process can produce mass 0.006mm ~ 0.03mm single-sided aluminum foil.

(3) speed effect. Aluminum foil rolling process, the thickness of the foil with the rolling degree of the phenomenon of thinning is called the speed effect.

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