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The main factors that affect the smoothness of electrolytic aluminum foil
Aug 01, 2017

The mechanical properties of aluminum foil are "weak", the surface elongation is small, the tear strength is small, the elasticity is poor, and any deficiency in the equipment is reflected by defects such as wrinkling, creasing, indentation and from the beginning to the harvest The process will always exist, and aluminum foil defects that the moment means that the birth of waste. It is because of the dual characteristics of aluminum foil requires the equipment in the disposal of fine control of the various processes to strengthen the control of all aspects of the aluminum foil to ensure smooth and smooth material.

The main factors that affect the smoothness of electrolytic aluminum foil

Rack equipment accuracy

Electrolytic aluminum foil all the equipment are installed in the rack, the accuracy of the rack is to achieve the first basic elements of aluminum foil material smooth, rack accuracy can not meet the requirements will cause irreparable serious consequences.

Roller running status

Electrolytic aluminum foil is installed through the rack of the main and driven roller equipment rotation, driven by aluminum foil walking, roller tension, rotation flexibility and their own dynamic balance of electrolytic aluminum foil bedding smooth play a crucial role.

Reasonable design, configuration roller

Electrolytic aluminum foil conveyor equipment commonly used in the type of roller roller, arc roller, eight roller, inert roller, etc., due to the role of various roller on the aluminum foil and the use of different methods, the wrong use of the configuration will make aluminum foil Wrinkles and creases occur. So in the pumping equipment in the rational design of various types of roller, can effectively protect the aluminum foil smooth material.

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