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Aluminium Foil Container Future- CHOCTAEK Container Manufacturing Solution
Mar 30, 2018

Advantages Of Aluminium Foil Container

Aluminium foil containers bring many advantages to the food packaging industry. These unique advantages position aluminium foil containers among material choices for the food processing industry, the food service industry and consumer alike. It qualifies as the “perfect package” for numerous food packaging applications. Some of the major advantages are:

  • Because foil can withstand wide temperature changes better than other packaging materials, it can go from freezer to oven to the dinner table without changing containers.

  • Aluminium foil containers are designed so that they nest very well, taking up little space

  • These containers are leak-resistant and keep foods fresher whether in the refrigerator or in the freezer

  • These containers are easy to clean up for re-use or for recycling. One of the aluminium’s environmental advantages is its recyclability. Aluminium has an inherent value.

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Aluminium Foil Container – Market Potential

The aluminium foil is used for packaging of many products. Some of which are pharmaceutical tablets, bulk & unitized packing of tea and coffee, prepared meals, bakery products, frozen meat, fish, milk bottle caps, wine, lube oil, greases, powdered milk, confectionery, biscuits, photographic film, gift wraps, household wraps, butter, margarine, cigarettes. India is one of the key producers of aluminium foil in the region. Pharmaceutical packaging is one of the major consumers of this product.

Additionally, liquid packaging, laminated tubes, and a variety of food and non-food packaging applications use this item. Finstock is the major industrial application finding use in automotive air conditioners, heat exchangers, and domestic air conditioning. The past production of foil shows an overall growth rate of about 8% only. The usage pattern, being very sensitive to price and availability, keeps on changing from time to time depending upon the economies of usage of aluminium foil compared to other products.

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