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Design And Manufacturing Requirements
Aug 01, 2017

Mold design requirements are: accurate size, smooth surface; reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy to automate; easy manufacturing, high life, low cost; design in line with the needs of the process, the economy is reasonable.

Mold structure design and parameter selection should take into account the rigid, guiding, discharge mechanism, positioning method, the gap size and other factors. The wearing parts on the mold should be easy to replace. For plastic molds and die-casting molds, also need to consider a reasonable pouring system, molten plastic or metal flow state, into the cavity position and direction. In order to improve the productivity and reduce the loss of the flow channel, a multi-cavity mold can be used to complete the same or different products simultaneously in a mold. In high-volume production should be used high efficiency, high precision, high life mold.

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