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Die Daily Maintenance
Aug 01, 2017

To focus on several important parts of the mold to track the detection: the role of ejection, guide parts to ensure that the mold opening and closing movement and plastic parts of the top, if any part of the damage due to injury and stuck, will lead to shutdown, it should always keep Mold thimble, guide column lubrication (to choose the most suitable lubricant), and regularly check the thimble, guide column, etc. whether the deformation and surface damage, once discovered, to be replaced; complete a production cycle, the mold work surface , Sports, guide parts coated with professional anti-rust oil, with particular emphasis on gears, rack mold bearing parts and spring mold elastic strength protection to ensure that it is always in the best working condition; with the production time , The cooling channel easy to deposit scale, rust, sludge and algae, so that the cooling channel cross-section smaller, narrow cooling channel, greatly reducing the coolant and mold heat exchange rate between the increase in production costs, so the flow of the clean-up Should pay attention to; for hot runner mold, the heating and control system maintenance is conducive to prevent the occurrence of production failures, it is particularly To. Therefore, after the end of each production cycle should be on the mold belt heater, bar heater, heating probe and thermocouple with ohm meter to be measured, if damaged, to be replaced, and with the mold resume Compare, make a record, in order to find the problem timely, to take countermeasures.

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