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How To Manufacturing Aluminium Foil Containers
Mar 25, 2018

The manufacturing of aluminium foil containers can either take place in a medium or large quantiy. A typical machine can make aluminium foil containers ranging from 40 microns to 140 microns. The machine consists of several parts that come into the manufacturing process.

Foil Decoiler


The first part of the machine is the foil decoiler. A roll of aluminium foil is placed in the decoiler, which unwraps the foil and feeds it into the machine in straight sheets. The decoiler can have a large roll placed in it which saves time as the roll does not have to be changed often.The aluminium foil is then straightened so it is not out of place when it is punched into aluminium foil containers. This is done by the use of a tracking eye which aligns the foil so it is in the correct place.

Oil Feeder

It also has a lubricator so the friction does not harm the foil causing defective aluminium foil containers. The lubrication comes from the oil feeder. The oil feeder is placed inside the machine itself so the work environment does not become messy.


Pneumatically powered press


The pneumatically powered press compresses the sheet into the shape of the container. The press also has an instant breaking mechanism to separate the newly formed container from the leftover foil. The press can have single cavity or multiple cavity moulds. The moulds decide the shape and style of the aluminium foil container.

Container collection station


Collection of the completed aluminium foil containers is the last part of the process. This part can either be done manually, or depending on the machine, the containers can be stacked by the machine itself. The fully automatic machines not only stack the aluminium foil containers but also counts them.

Scrap Collector and Compressor

A scrap collecting device and compressor is an optional part of the machine, which can handle the leftover foil from making the aluminium foil containers quite easily. It collects the leftovers in a single place and compresses it into a block which can be then 

sent to be recycled.

Foil scrap sucker.jpg

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