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Mold Design Principle
Aug 01, 2017

Flow analysis in the injection process has been widely used in foreign countries, it is based on the computer and CAD is widely used on the basis of the purpose of predicting the flow of plastic melt into the mold cavity when the flow to determine the melt flow to The impact of the quality of injection molded parts. The application of flow simulation software mainly includes three aspects: the first is to use software to predict the injection molding program pressure, temperature and other distribution; the second is the use of expected pressure, temperature and other distribution to improve the mold and plastic products Design; the third is a number of candidate injection molding program to optimize, select the best solution.

The traditional design of the injection mold is the first consideration of the needs of the mold itself, after considering the need for injection products. In other words, the traditional injection mold design is the plastic melt in the flow channel and the flow of the cavity in the second consideration. For example, conventional mold designs typically determine the number and location of gates empirically, rather than determining these parameters based on flow analysis. The result is often a high number of gates and a large size. But in the market economy, the quality and cost of the product has become the lifeline of the survival and development of enterprises, injection molding simulation software can help enterprises to establish competitive advantage.

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