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The Type Of Continuous Die
Aug 01, 2017

1. Monolithic

The monolithic formwork is also known as an integral form, and its machined shape must be closed. The monolithic template is mainly used for simple structure or low precision mold, its processing methods to the main processing (no heat treatment), the use of heat treatment of the template must be implemented line cutting or discharge processing and grinding processing. When the template size is long (continuous mold), it will use two or more pieces and use it.

2. Yoke

The central portion of the yoke pattern is machined into a groove to assemble the block. Its structure according to the application requirements, groove can be composed of other templates. The advantages of this yoke-type template structure are: groove processing is easy, the width of the groove can be adjusted, the processing accuracy is good. But the low rigidity is its shortcoming.

3. Inlay

In the template, a circular or square concave part is machined, and the block-like part is embedded in the template. This kind of template is called inlay structure. The construction has the advantages of less cumulative tolerance, high rigidity, decomposition and precision good. Due to the advantages of easy machining, machining accuracy determined by the work machine, the final adjustment of the project less, insert-in template structure has become the mainstream of precision stamping die, but the shortcomings of the need for high-precision hole processing machine.

Continuous stamping die with this template structure, in order to make the template with high rigidity requirements, is the design of empty stations. Inlay die

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