H Type High Capacity Aluminum Foil Food Container Making Machine

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Name:aluminum foil food container making machine
Type:Full/Semi automatic
Usage:foil container making machine
Warranty:12 Months
Key electrical appliance:SCHNEIDER, SAMCO,AIRTAC



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What are the advantages of aluminum foil container production line?


1. Easy operating and controlling


2. High quality and efficiency


3. Good after sales service




After Sales Service


1. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


2. We can provide internship service and help you to train operator and machine.


3. CHOCTAEK offers a constant technical assistance to support the user, taking care of installation phases, tests and continuous maintenance assistance of the machines.




What are the components of aluminum foil container production line?


1. Auto-lubricated Foil Feeder


2. Length Controller


3. Siemens Control Panel


4. Pneumatic Press


5. Automatic Stacker


C1000 (60T ) Main Features:

* The tension of expansion shaft is controlled by ultrasonic, which can detect diameter of alu. foil roll and adjust the brake tension automatically.

* The operating control panel is equipped with a large touch screen(SIEMENS) allowing   quick set up of machine parameter and visualization of production flow.

* The key electrical appliance adopt great elements in famous brand, such as SCHNEIDER

SAMCO from Japan etc.

* A huge movable bed plate is equipped in this strong press, so it is easy and convenient  to load the mould.

* High precision sensors (SICK) are installed with this machine to ensure high sensibility and precision.

* The press can be equipped with moulds for both wrinkle – wall and smooth – wall        container production.


The working flow of aluminum foil machine C1000:

Aluminum foil roll→decoiler→air output control equipment→60T pneumatic

press→mould→auto→stacker or conveyor→collection desk.



 Machine Parameters:

  C700 C1000 C1300  
Max. Width of Roll: 540mm  800mm  1050mm   
Length of Strokes: 220 220 250  
Feeding Length: 20-999 20-999 20-999  
Feeding Accuracy : ±0.3 ±0.3 ±0.3  
Working Voltage: 3-380 3-380 3-380  
Total Power 9KW 9KW 11KW  
Weight of machine: 6.6T 7.0T 8.0T  



For the capacity of machine, it depends on the container size, let’s take 250ml (top out size is about:125*100*40mm) container as a example,

The capacity as following:

1. 250ml container on C700 machine, the Max. mould cavities are 2, the capacity is 48PCS/mintue*2 cavities=96PCS/minute;

2. 250ml container on C1000 machine, the Max. mould cavities are 3, the capacity is 48PCS/mintue*3 cavities=144PCS/minute;

3. 250ml container on C1300 machine, the Max. mould cavities are 4, the capacity is 45PCS/mintue*4 cavities=180PCS/minute;


So it is important to decide the container size at the beginning, I would like to  offer the whole solution after you confirm the container size.



Please feel free to call us  when you are interested in Aluminium Foil Container Making Machine and Mould project.
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