• Manufacturing for Aluminum Foil Containers

    Manufacturing for Aluminum Foil Containers

     Investment Opportunities in Food Packaging Industry.   Aluminum foil provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. For this reason, foil is used extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Aluminum foil is also used to make aseptic pack...
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  • Aluminium Foil  Container

    Aluminium Foil Container

    Comprehensive Range of Applications Aluminium foil containers offer some of the most versatile packaging solutions available today. They combine the features needed to process, store and deliver perfectly preserved and readily accessible food products to the consumer. Th...
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  • Aluminium Foil Pot Poplur in the middle east market

       Here are some practical scenarios where these aluminum foil pots are commonly used: 1.Traditional Arabic rice dishes: Aluminum foil pans are widely used for cooking traditional Arabic rice dishes, such as Mandi or Kabsa. These pots are perfect for achieving the d...
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  • Aluminium Foil Container is the first choice in food packing

    The following lists the trends in the application of aluminum foil container, including the environmental impact of aluminum foil reuse and the growth of the takeaway market: 1. Sustainable packaging: As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, th...
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  • We will have a show in Aluminum China in July

    CHOCTAEK will have a show at Aluminum China. City name: Shanghai, Time:  5-7 July Booth number: 2L23, Hall N2 CHOCTAEK is a leading provider of innovative aluminum foil products making solutions, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Shanghai Aluminum ...
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  • Convenient and Efficient Takeaway Packaging with Aluminium Foil Pan Moulds

    China's leading aluminum foil pan mold and production line company, has now become a recognized leader in the field of takeaway aluminum foil pan mold and production line manufacturing. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we will continue to provide innovative a...
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  • In interpack 2023

    See you again, Interpack 2023!    
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  • The aluminum foil containers market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 3.8 billion in 2023 and record a CAGR of 5.5%. By 2033

    The aluminum foil containers market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 3.8 billion in 2023 and record a CAGR of 5.5%. By 2033, the valuation is projected to reach US$ 6.5 billion over the forecast period.   The aluminum foil containers market is assisting the food and beverage industry...
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  • Baking Foil Box Bread Tray

    Aluminum foil bread tray is specially used for packaging bread, which is healthy, safe, environmentally friendly and harmless. The baking aluminum foil box can be in direct contact with the bread to prevent the bread from sticking to the baking pan and isolate the bacteria on the baking pan. Whe...
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  • How is the aluminum foil container made?

    The production process of aluminum foil container has high requirements for the use of lubricating oil. Aluminum foil container is an environmentally friendly, safe and recyclable food packaging. Now it has been widely used in airline food and catering for large events. There will be more extensi...
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  • The difference between oil-based paint and water-based paint

    At present, more than 80% of the coated container foils in the market are mainly oil- based paint. However, in recent years, as the concept of green and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, water-based paints made of modified polyolefins and polyester re...
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  • What are the characteristics of disposable aluminum foil containers?

    So we know that the raw material of aluminum foil lunch box is aluminum foil, so what are the characteristics of aluminum foil? 1. Aluminum foil raw materials are healthy and safe; 2. No harmful substances after heating; 3. Easy to shape, convenient and hygienic; 4. Keep the color and fragran...
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