Food Application and Automatic Automatic Grade Aluminum foil food container

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Work stable

High precision

High quality

Long life

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1. Features of Product

1.1 Work stable

1.2 High precision

1.3 High quality

1.4 Long life

2. Product introduction

CHOCTAEK stacker is able to develop special stacking system for single containers like ash trays, shell trays and another big containers. And it is able to develop special multi- cavities containers, such as: 6- 7 cavities for the cup cake. 

3. Packaging & Shipment

Packaging type: Packed in wooden case.

Port of shipment: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chinese Port.

4. C1300 Parameter and Configuration

Strokes 35-80 times/ min
Total weight 16Ton
Motor Capacity 12KW
Voltage 3-380V/ 50HZ/ 4 Wires
Press Dimension 1.3*2.1*3.3M
Expansion Shaft Φ3 inch/6 inch
Max. Foil Roll Out Dia Φ700mm
Max. Foil Width 1000mm
Length of Stroke 220mm (custom-made 200/ 250/ 280mm)
Working Table Dimension 1300*1000mm
Max. Mould Dimension 1200*900mm
Mould Closed Height 370- 450mm
Slide Area Dimension 320*145 4- Φ18
  320*245 4- Φ18
The Whole Production Line Space 8*3*3.4M
Air Consumption 320NT/ min

The line has been designed and built to produce aluminium foil containers, dishes and trays destined to food packaging and other purposes.
The complete line includes the following machinery and equipments:

Uncoiler or uncoiler with lubricator units.
Press with electronic feeder.
Automatic stacker 
Control Panel
Scrap aspirator.
Mould from single cavity to multy cavity.

5. FAQ

1. Q: What is number of the Max. Mould cavities?
A: It depends on the container size and shape. Such as 450ml, the Max. Mould cavities is 3 on C1000 aluminium foil tray machine.

2. Q: What is the capacity?
A: It depends on the container size and shape. Such as 450ml, the capacity is about 45pcs/minute*3mould cavities=135PCS.

3. Q: What is the thickness?
A: thickness from 0.035-0.3mm is workable on our aluminium foil container making machine and mould.

4. Q: How much space is required for aluminum foil container business.
A:The small setup of this aluminum foil container unit requires 1000 sqft.
Space is required to locate the machine and stock the aluminum foil bundle in the ground foolr. It is also for packaging the output pieces into boxes or cartons. And finally, workers to work comfortably. So, for all this, you will at least need 1000 sqft appx.

5.Q:Total Investment to start this aluminum foil business.
A: Semi- automatic machine cost = USD45000-62000/ set.
Aluminum Foil = USD2900/ ton
Aluminium foil container making mould= USD8000- 22000/ set


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